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Master in AMI Montessori Guide for Elementary Education (6-12 years)

Recognized by the International Montessori Association (AMI)

2nd Edition

New master edition 2023

Check here the website of the new master's degree edition starting in August 2023.

New edition with in person attendance during three summers:
From 3-7-2023 to 4-8-2023 (in person saturday 8-7-2023)
From 1-7-2024 to 2-8-2024 (in person saturday 6-7-2024)
From 30-6-2025 to 1-8-2025 (in person saturday 26-7-2025)

Reasons for completing the course

Montessori teaching focuses on encouraging self-development in children, in a respectful way, and on the implementation of practical aspects of the classroom, something which currently attracts many parents and professionals from all over the world.  Therefore, some of the reasons for taking this course are:

  • To know the principles of the Montessori method in depth and their practice in a class of 6 – 12 year olds.
  • To obtain the double qualification of a Master’s degree from the university and the AMI diploma.
  • To take the only Montessori AMI course for 6 – 12 years recognized as a Master throughout Europe.
  • To participate in a Master at the University of Girona in assistance with the Fundació Universitat de Girona.
  • To participate in the only Montessori AMI course for 6 – 12 years currently offered in Spain.
  • To obtain the diploma of the Association Montessori International, currently considered to be the most prestigious and complete Montessori training at world level.
  • International recognition for guides trained with the support of the Association Montessori International.
  • To take the AMI 6 – 12 course at an international level, adapted to the Spanish Russian and English curriculums, with all the cultural richness that this implies.
  • To enjoy priority in applications for places as observers or for teaching practice in the Montessori Palau school.


The Master’s course for AMI Montessori Guide 6 to 12 years is designed for the achievement of a thorough knowledge of the theory and practice of the Montessori principle in Elementary education, with the aim of helping children to develop and adapt to society.    The course covers all areas of the curriculum, which in Montessori education are much more numerous than those found in traditional education.  These areas encompass philosophy, psychology and the contents of the various areas of knowledge with their materials and activities for teaching-learning.  The course’s methodology includes theoretical classes, practical classes with the materials, observations and teaching practice in Montessori schools.

The proposed course format includes the Foundation course for the 3 to 6-year-old level. All theory and practice topics related to the 3 to 6-year level will be covered in an integrated way throughout the course. We want to relate all these issues as we work on the issues of the 6 to 12-year-old level. To do this we have the collaboration of AMI 3-6 trainer Eduardo Cuevas. It is not possible to validate these subjects as they are an integral part of the other subjects.

The calendar and schedule for this course is designed for teachers and other professionals who work and want to have the best Montessori training. This course format combines self-learning and flexible hours with live online and on site meetings.

On site meetings are essential in AMI courses to give quality and consistency to learning. These meetings help a lot to create community, encourage collaboration and ensure good supervision in practice with the materials. The course begins in two on site weeks where the theoretical and practical basis of Montessori and the learning dynamics of the course are established. In these two weeks we will also review the essential knowledge of the stage of 3 to 6 years and will begin the practices with the materials.

There will be a total of four on site modules, three for two weeks and the last for 3 weeks. In the second and third on site modules, most of the hours will be devoted to supervised practice and dynamics for cooperative work. The last module will be for three weeks. The albums and the final master's thesis will have to be handed in and there will be reviews and supervised practice. There will also be final exams and graduation. In these on site weeks the Saturday of the first week will be school.

The other weeks of the course are called “virtual and online fortnight” and they all follow the same structure.

During the fortnight, 12 recorded sessions will be shared so that each student can view them whenever they want and do the corresponding work at the times that suit them best. Each session lasts approximately 70 to 90 minutes and the student will be able to see it as many times as necessary in order to better understand the procedures and topics covered by preparing their personal album.

Please note that session scripts will be provided with basic information but the student will need to make their own description of most of the content. It is recommended that during the fortnight students be able to practice with the materials presented. If students do not have a Montessori environment or materials, they can try to practice with simulations of materials that can be shared. At the end of each fortnight, on the last Thursday afternoon (or on a day to be agreed upon), there will be a live online meeting for the whole group. Between fortnight and fortnight there is at least one week without a course. The goal of this fortnightly organization is to allow job to be done while the course is taking place.

Supervised practice with materials will be done in the classroom weeks, but it is advisable to look for materials to practice also during the academic year.

During these months you will also need to do 3 weeks of observations at a Montessori school and then 4 weeks of practice teaching at a school with an AMI Montessori guide. These observations and practices can be done while the course is taking place.

A student handbook will be provided at the beginning of the course, detailing the course specifications and operation.

Unique Master in AMI Montessori Guide for Elementary Education (6-12 years) in Spain with international recognition

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